Our Program + Clinics

Our program is rooted in helping you achieve your goals through Toolbox Exercises- a support system of easy to remember and employ exercises that ensure both you and your horse quickly and easily have those ‘lightbulb moments’ if you’re ever stuck.

Do you want to take your horsemanship higher? Up your game and gain more confidence? Have a better connection with your horse? Understand the why behind what your horse is doing?

Our Advanced Groundwork Toolbox Exercises are tailored to further develop our communication with horses- once your horse understands your tools (and once you understand when to employ them) You will become a leader they trust, rely on, and turn to when they’re in trouble….whether it’s help with understanding a new concept, a new situation, or a new task. Furthermore, and most importantly, our horses learn to interpret pressure as POSITIVE: simply another tool of communication.

We will teach you when, where, and how to use our Toolbox Exercises. We help you and your horse connect familiar exercises to new tasks so you can progress confidently and consistently. Above all, we pride ourselves on the ability to demystify the ever elusive concept of ‘feel.’ We make it easy for you to connect ‘why’ and ‘what’ to HOW and WHEN.

Helping our horses understand what we want gives them a choice. It sets them up to be active participants in achieving our goals- as a team. It means that we cultivate confident and consistent progress in any facet of horsemanship that we choose to pursue- as partners. And it means that they truly understand how and where to get comfort- from us. 


We are available together, or separately, for clinics anywhere around the world to help you gain a clearer, more conscientious understanding of your horse and horsemanship.

Let us introduce you to and consistently build upon the Toolbox Exercises– a series of exercises tailored to further develop our communication with horses in stages- helping you to become a leader they trust, rely on, and turn to. Most importantly, we’ll help you teach your horses to interpret and understand pressure as a POSITIVE- simply another tool of communication. We help you and your horse connect familiar exercises to new tasks so you can progress confidently and consistently.

Topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Groundwork: communication with your horse starts the moment you step in the pasture until the moment you walk away from them after putting them back. Build on your leadership skills to encourage your horses to want to be with and stay with you- from the second they see you until the second you leave.
  • The Human Horse Connection: how our liberty program is our Advanced Groundwork and how it translates directly and seamlessly to undersaddle work of all disciplines
  • Awareness: making sure that you’re not unintentionally rewarding undesirable behaviour, while solidifying when and how to reward desirable behaviours.
  • The Sanctuary: focusing on supporting your horse and showing them what you want, rewarding the right thing, honing in on their drive for comfort and peace.
  • Reversing undesirable and unwanted behaviour: is your horse headshy? cinchy? fidgety? do they swish their tail? pin their ears? bite? kick? too slow or too fast to move their feet? trailering issues? We will help you show your horse what the right thing to do is in situations that bring about unwanted behaviour.
  • Riding: having a soft, trusting, willing horse at all three gaits and through to more precise maneuvers, achieving and executing those maneuvers with willingness through Toolbox Exercises designed to keep you moving consistently forward in your discipline.
  • Discipline specific clinics: reining, cowboy challenge, trail obstacles, roping, and western dressage.


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There are still select bookings in 2018, and we’re currently booking into 2019.