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Beginning your journey to a better relationship

We welcome you to Higher Horsemanship. We would love nothing more than to show you your path to taking your Horsemanship to Higher levels. We've been working students from all over the world to show them the art of "Learning how to learn" when it comes to their relationship with their Equine friend. Learn true understanding and let us show you how to build trust, establish confidence, and show you how to build a bond so strong with your horse they allow you to lead them - even through challenging situations.



Join us by becoming true horsemen:

Our range of successful relationship building services include:

  • Teaching our horses to "Learn to Learn"
  • Teaching our horses to start searching for answers, even when they themselves don't know the answer.
  • Accessing our horses best learning frame of mind.
  • Staying within ideal boundaries of our horses minds, where true learning and understanding occurs.
  • Building solid confidence in our horses toward trusting our guidance, and allowing us to lead them.
  • Showing and helping our horses how they can do what is right and be successful.
  • .... and so much more.

Opening doors for our horses is the key to how we train you! We are always striving to keep our horses positive and engaged in everything that they learn. Teaching our horses to learn, to trust, and to grow with us requires dedication, however, it will lead to one of the most rewarding experiences of both yours, and your horse's life.


The art of Teaching through release and reward.


Teaching you how to effectively onboard your horse, getting them to join our journey.


Showing you to earn your horses confidence, finding confidence within themselves, and their surroundings.


Jim and Andrea Anderson

With a combined more than 50+ years of Horsemanship experience, Jim and Andrea Anderson are excited to teach you the potential of what a true relationship with your horse can accomplish! We teach you to teach your horse good habits toward achieving "try" and instant positive responses to questions asked. Our priority has always been our equine friends and showing you the path always reassuring your horse's comfort and joy is what we've set out to do.

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Join us in your path toward taking your horsemanship to a higher level!


Matt Case

Contract Sales
I've had the pleasure of working with Brent over the past 8 years. I've consulted with Brent on a wide variety of projects from windows to a brand new kitchen. He is very easy to deal with and he seems to have a talent for new creative ideas and solutions. I've had customers return to me and compliment Brent on his professionalism; quality of workmanship. I would recommend Brent to complete your renovation needs today.

Dale and Becca Watson

A few months ago we had some renovations done in our home by Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd. We had two bathrooms renovated and a laundry room built. We were very satisfied with the result. Brent was very professional yet friendly and accommodating. The workmanship was very good. We have yet to notice something we are not really happy with. We would not hesitate to recommend his services. Should we ever require more work done we would certainly call him again.

Andre Therrien

About three years ago my wife and I purchased an older home in Redcliff, AB. Since the house was over twenty five years old, we had many renovations in mind and needed a capable carpenter to carry out our projects. Upon a recommendation by our real estate agent we hired Brent Weeres of Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd. for all the work we had in mind. We started by removing old subfloor and cabinets and tiles in the kitchen area. Installed new subfloor in kitchen, dining room, living room for new floor covering. Removed and installed a new window in the kitchen. Changed door swing between kitchen and carport. Installed new subfloor and laminated floor in work space and finally converted our carport into a two door attached garage with automatic door openers. Brent performed all the above with very professional skill and effectiveness. He is a very knowledgeable carpenter and can accomplish any kind of work required in renovation projects such as were included here - framing, siding, parging, cabinets, molding, installed garage doors and openers and all the other work required and carried out with care and precision. We highly recommend any renovation projects to be carried out by Brent Weeres of Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd.

Let's get started

Join us in your path toward taking your horsemanship to a higher level!

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